Smart HR Pros Do Stupid Things

Stupid THings

With the best intentions, we in HR can be our own worst enemy.

1. Dumpster Diving: Picking up garbage others need to deal with.

If we insist on doing the dirty work for everyone else… we stunt their growth and acquire a unique smell in the process.
2. Down with the Ship: Hanging in there until the lights are out.

Ahoy!… Hello… If we don’t negotiate and collect our loot while the ship is still afloat, we’ll be forever known for dispatching the last lifeboat from the deck of the Titanic.
3. Nose to the Grindstone: Being a good soldier… putting in the hours.

A bloody nose is an apt reward for the HR Leader who sacrifices all, but doesn’t communicate her/his value in meaningful terms.
4. Make HR an Efficient Cost Center: Saving pennies and dollars.

If HR doesn’t know and proactively meet critical business needs in the center of revenue stream, the cost doesn’t count.
5. No News is Good News: Keeping our heads down avoids the bullets.

Failing to communicate – the good, the bad and the ugly makes us old news.
For the next 5 Stupid Things HR Professionals Do – and how to avoid them, contact: Mark Gonska

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