Six Figure Career Accelerator

Quite simply, to land the job no one else will get, you have to do what no one else is willing to do. 

This may sound strange to you, if you're feeling unhappy in your current situation, but I can affirm to you that right now you are exactly where you need to be, and I'm here to help. The feelings of being stifled, or underappreciated, or undercompensated, means that you are ready for more. And it's the irritant that's going to help you reach for new heights in your career.

Your Career Accelerator Plan

The 4 Essential Activity Groups


    • Why I left
    • What I want to do next
    • People who can help me
    • Possible employers
    • Accomplishments - Why hire me?


    • Resume Prepared - Key Words
    • LinkedIn Profile Optimized
    • Posted Positions - T Letter
    • Networking Profile
    • Action Plan


    • Phone/text/email networking script
    • Follow up plans, 7 - 14 - 30 days
    • Interview Preparation
    • Thank you email + note, re-marketing
    • Job Fit Scorecard


    • Receive Offer(s)
    • Negotiate/Upgrade the Job
    • 7 Magic Words
    • Negotiate Salary
    • Blueprint for Success On Boarding

To get the job no one else will get... I will do what no one else will do

My name is Mark Gonska, I'm an Executive Career Coach with over and have more than 20,000 hours of experience coaching senior executives like yourself to land better positions.

I have helped over  8,000+ clients land their dream job using this framework above.

The truth is, there's no substitute for taking responsibility for your own career growth. I've seen it time and time again. When you put in the work on defining what it is you want, and connect with the right people, doors will open that were previously closed.

It takes time & focused effort. To get the job no one else can get, you have to do what no one else will do, including: (1) defining what success looks like (2) branding & positioning yourself correctly (3) reaching out to the right people, and (4) getting the right offers & negotiating a compensation package that is right for you.

I can't do all your heavy lifting for you, but I will help you identify obstacles, in your path, and overcome them, or blast straight through them.

Schedule a call with me, and I'll help you discover how to go from feeling stuck and/or frustrated to achieving clarity, feeling empowered and being in full control of your career.

This is my life’s work: to help executives like you move forward with your career on purpose, with purpose.

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