It’s NOT illegal to Hire a Headhunter


Not in a CUBU Situation

Is hiring a #headhunter admitting defeat? After all, you probably have an excellent HR crew, including Talent Acquisition pros who have found and onboarded many great candidates.

Yet hiring a Headhunter may make more sense than ever. It’s not an indictment of your in-house HR team. They are skilled in delivering talent in nearly every case. Yet, there are select situations when we have been called on to help. As #ExecutiveRecruiters, we know a thing or two about CUBU because we have seen a thing or two. We have used relational intelligence to change the leadership talent landscape of our region. It’s legal and prudent to pay for an outside recruiter when your organization may be facing CUBU:

·      Confidentiality – when an incumbent, competitors or others must not be notified.

·      Urgency – when a position must be filled on an accelerated time frame.

·      Bandwidth – when your HR staff is maxed out and cannot take on additional search assignments.

·      Unicorn – when a unique set of requirements present an exceptional challenge to source qualified candidates.

You may have a critical talent need involving multiple or all the challenges above. Hire a Headhunter. Against such thing there is no law.

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