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If you are feeling stalled in your career, motivated to move forward, value expertise
that you do not have, are skeptical of quick promises & internet traps, and are truly
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What is Career Accelerator Coaching?

So you're a six figure leader who wants career coaching that works. You don’t want endless resume edits  or generic advice on how to find a better job faster?

Maybe you are unhappy or feel stifled in your current position. Or maybe you feel underappreciated or underpaid for your contributions. Maybe all of the above. You might be working harder at the wrong things in the wrong place.

Whatever the reason, I get it. And I'm here to help.

Contrary to the quick fixes and miracle solutions, you may have  seen on other websites, I can affirm your solution may be simple, but it's not always easy. Your road to Career Acceleration may be hiding in plain sight!.

I'm an Executive Career Coach with over 20,000 hours of experience coaching senior executives like yourself. I have helped over 8,000+ clients land their dream job with my Six Figure Career Accelerator guide.

I won’t promise to do all your heavy lifting, but I will help you identify obstacles and help you shorten the path to overcoming or blasting through them.

Discover how to go from feeling stuck and/or frustrated to achieving clarity, feeling empowered and being in full control of your career.

This is my life’s work: to help executives like you move forward with your career on purpose, with purpose.

Meet Mark Gonska
Executive Job Coach Cleveland

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What NOT to Do in an Interview. Plus, One Simple Tip to Advance in Your Career.

During the recent episode of Job Hunt Cleveland, host Mark Gonska was joined by Vice President of Human Resources, Matt Kress, to discuss interview best practices and career advancement tips.  Click on the video to the left to watch the interview. Highlights include: What NOT to do in an Interview: Don’t eat a banana. Don’t […]

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Giving Feedback to Your Boss? Stop Using the F-Word!

What one word can ignite the Twitter kingdom (now X) with viral vitriol, end a high-profile career in a minute, and can change Wall Street’s “Buy” to “Sell”. What one word should be stricken from our vocabulary? It’s the “F-Word” – FEEDBACK. “Can I give you some FEEDBACK?” “Here’s some FEEDBACK on your presentation.” If […]

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Are Virtual Meetings and Working Remote Making it Virtually Impossible to be Promoted?

Two years of Covid have forced many employers into a new reality where survival has brought with it a pandemic game of Whack-a-Mole (has the name been changed by the PC police?). A workaround on one challenge leads to another issue popping up. A record 3.8 million Americans quit their jobs in December, 2021. Signing […]

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Networking Not Working?

Is Finding Your Next Job All About Networking? It Could Be. Remember your Griswoldesque neighbor who feigns interest in what you have to say only to let you know how wonderful HIS life is? He is smarter than Biden and Trump put together and his great _______________ (fill in the blank with anything he describes […]

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It’s NOT illegal to Hire a Headhunter

Not in a CUBU Situation Is hiring a #headhunter admitting defeat? After all, you probably have an excellent HR crew, including Talent Acquisition pros who have found and onboarded many great candidates. Yet hiring a Headhunter may make more sense than ever. It’s not an indictment of your in-house HR team. They are skilled in delivering talent in nearly […]

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Smart HR Pros Do Stupid Things

With the best intentions, we in HR can be our own worst enemy. 1. Dumpster Diving: Picking up garbage others need to deal with. If we insist on doing the dirty work for everyone else… we stunt their growth and acquire a unique smell in the process. 2. Down with the Ship: Hanging in there […]

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